Firefighters rescue Northamptonshire girl, two, from toilet seat

Daisy Dempsey got her toilet training seat stuck on her head
Daisy Dempsey got her toilet training seat stuck on her head

A potty two-year-old girl had to be rescued by firefighters after she got a toilet training seat stuck on her head.

Dad Michael Dempsey, 28, was feeding his seven-month-old son Bruce when little Daisy said she wanted to go to the toilet on Monday morning.

Michael Dempsey and Marie Tress-Smith with daughter Daisy Dempsey

Michael Dempsey and Marie Tress-Smith with daughter Daisy Dempsey

The busy dad told her to put her £7.99 Disney Frozen toilet training seat on the loo and wait so he could lift her up.

But Michael was shocked when he walked in and found the potty stuck around her head “hanging from her neck like a necklace”.

And when the care worker asked his daughter what she had done, cheeky Daisy replied: “I’m potty!”

After trying in vain to force the toilet seat off using butter, Michael rushed the tot to Corby Urgent Care Centre.

Medics said they didn’t have the correct equipment so the pair went to Corby fire station where firefighters freed her using cutters to clip the seat in half.

Michael, who lives with partner Marie-Tress, 28, said: “Daisy said she needed the toilet so I said to her ‘just put the potty on’ meaning to put the training seat on the loo.

“I went in to help her and the first thing I said when I walked in was: ‘What have you done?’

“And then she replied: ‘I’m potty.’

“While she was laughing about it, I went downstairs and got some butter, before smearing it around the rim in the hop it would slide off but it wasn’t working.

“It was stuck and it wouldn’t get past where her ears are and then she said it was starting to hurt so I just thought we are going to have to get it cut off.

“I then went to the Corby Urgent Care Centre and they said it was the first time they ever had a child with a toilet seat over their head.

“And then they said they don’t have the equipment and that I would have to go down to the fire station.”

Firefighters had to use industrial cutters usually used to free people from car crashes to remove the toilet seat.

Michael added: “When I got to the desk, the person asked me: ‘What can I help you with?’ and I said: ‘Well isn’t it obvious?’

“They said they would get some cutters and take it off, which is exactly what they did.

“And I have to say the firefighters were absolutely brilliant with the way they dealt with her, they kept her busy the whole time so she wasn’t scared at all.

“They also thought it was hilarious too, as we all did.

“The whole day was like something from a TV comedy show.

“The fire officers said Daisy had probably highlighted a design fault because there is no way a child should get their head inside the hole.

“I checked and the same toilet seats are still being sold but for a discount.

“On our way home from the fire station we went and bought a replacement seat but a different model.

“When we got in the car, we actually put the seat on top of her head to see if it would fit over her head, just to make sure that she can’t do it again.

“And the hole is a lot smaller on this one.

“Thankfully, she used it correctly this time and she came back from the toilet incident-free.”

It is not the first time Daisy has got her head stuck.

Two weeks ago she managed to get her head wedged in a Postman Pat van toy at her local nursery.