Fire response car narrowly avoids head on smash in Northampton during blue light response

The car can be seen approaching at speed at Dashcam footage shown to the Chron.
The car can be seen approaching at speed at Dashcam footage shown to the Chron.

Fire chiefs have pledged to hold a full investigation after one of its response vehicles narrowly avoided a head-on collision with a car near the centre of Northampton.

The red unmarked Vauxhall can be seen approaching at speed in the opposite on Dashcam footage seen by the Chronicle and Echo.

The clip, above, clearly shows the car driving the opposite side of a set of bollards and forcing a silver car, travelling in the opposite direction, to swerve at the last second.

The vehicle was responding to an emergency callout along Weedon Road at 6.08pm on Thursday, August 16 and was caught on camera near to the Saints rugby ground.

"An ambulance and a fire engine had already gone up the road a few minutes earlier when this car was driven erratically up the same stretch of road," said the owner of the Dashcam footage.

"They had absolutely no reason to go around the bollard like that as the cars in front of him or her were clearing it and moving over.

"It appears to be someone running on too much adrenaline."

Mick Conlon, the group commander at Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue, promised to launch a full investigation.

He said: "We believe that this video shows one of our vehicles driven in a manner that fails to reach an acceptable standard.

"We are now in the process of a full investigation into this incident.

"I would like to see reassure the public that we will be taking appropriate action."