Fire investigators search for cause of fire at Sixfields Tavern in Northampton

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Fire investigators are today continuing their inquiry into the cause of the blaze that destroyed Sixfields Tavern.

The pub in Sixfields was gutted by a fire that started at about 2.45pm on Saturday, just minutes before the start of the Northampton Town’s home match against Northwich.

Six pumps were at the building at the height of the fire, which was made worse due to the high winds. Firefighters successfully contained the fire and stopped it spreading further and to nearby buildings.

Fire crews were on-site until about midnight. Roads were closed but re-opened later on Sunday.

A spokesperson for Hungry Horse, owners of the Sixfields Tavern, said: “Thankfully, all of the pub’s customers and team members were swiftly evacuated, and no-one was hurt. The pub will not be open for the foreseeable future, and we will be working with the emergency services to establish the cause.”

A reader’s picture sent to the Chron’s Facebook page appears to show that the fire started in an area outside the building before spreading to the pub itself.

The pub was recently refurbished in October and re-opened on October 16. According to the pub’s Facebook page, it was fully booked for Christmas Day with only limited availability for Christmas parties.