Fine people who put bins out too early in Northampton, argues Labour councillor

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Tuesday 18th June 2013 PPP-150818-125314001
Wheelie Bins :Wellingborough: wheelie bins /bins/recycling bins/ rubbish/ waste Tuesday 18th June 2013 PPP-150818-125314001

On-the-spot fines should be given to people who leave their bins out in Northampton before 7pm on the day before collection, a borough councillor will argue at the Guildhall on Monday.

At the moment, Northampton Borough Council does issue penalties to people who consistently leave their bin sacks out on the wrong day, or who use non-regulation black liners to put their waste in.

But Labour councillor Anamul Haque (Lab, Castle) says the rules on what constitutes on “littering” are fuzzy.

At next Monday’s full council meeting he will argue that anyone leaving refuse sacks out before 7pm on the night before collection day should incur a fine.

Councillor Haque said: “At the moment there is some confusion about ‘how early is early’.

“The signal coming from this council is that it will be tough on littering and rightly so.

“However, the situation around refuse sacks is causing anxiety. Are refuse sacks that are put out early a form of littering?

“For avoidance of doubt let’s say that refuse sacks put out before 7pm the day before collection is littering.”

Councillor Haque says the problem with sacks being put out early is that they can be ripped open by dogs, cats, foxes and rats.

“When this happens rubbish becomes scattered over the path and round,” he said. “Refuse sacks put out early by houses in multiple occupancy (HIMOS) are a particular environmental problem.

“So let’s say 7pm the day before is the cut off point.”

Councillor Haque will also suggest the borough works with the county council to “build outs” in roads, common in areas such as the Mounts and which have been know to attract fly-tipping.

Councillors will vote on his motion at Monday’s full council meeting at the Guildhall on Monday, at 6.30pm.