Film-makers bid to raise £10,000 ahead of movie production in Northamptonshire

Northampton Guildhall
Northampton Guildhall

A group of film-makers in Northampton are looking to raise £10,000 to put their second feature-length movie into full production.

The team from is aiming to crowd-fund the film and have already raised £4,000 ahead of filming in locations around the town, including the Guildhall and Delapre Abbey.

Director David Easton said the money would go into costumes, make-up, set design, visual effects, stunts and specially arranged music.

A trailer of the forthcoming film has been released at

Established in 2005, corporate film production company FanaticFilms expanded operations several years ago to move into movies, taking first place in the 2010 Film Northants film festival.

Mr Easton said: “I’m passionate about directing and making my own films.

“I’ve travelled all over the world with my corporate work, and that’s fantastic, but I love filming in the stunning locations around Northamptonshire. There’s some amazingly talented local actors and crew keen to get involved in our

new feature; and crowd-funding is a great opportunity to let all film fans join in and get a piece of the action at a low cost.”

He said Ensnared was a tense and fast-moving action-thriller.

“Skilfully scripted by writer Colin Hill, the story will keep you pinned to your seat.

“When lonely hero, John, realises his camping holiday is turning from relaxing romp to scary slaughter he has to put his personal woes behind him and ‘man-up’ to stay alive. Desperate to save his loved ones John battles against a crazy baddie…who has a penchant for trapping pretty women and enslaving them in a creepy dungeon.”

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