Fertility clinic calls on Northampton sperm donors to ‘respond magnificently as they’ve done before’ with new appeal

Which are Britain's most fertile cities?
Which are Britain's most fertile cities?

A fertility clinic in Northampton is asking more men to help meet demand for sperm as part of its Father’s Day campaign.

Care Fertility, based in The Avenue, says the UK has a national shortage of donors and sperm is being imported to meet demand.

Judith Byrne, the unit manager, said: “Northampton men are incredibly generous and have responded magnificently to our previous appeals for sperm donors.

“But we always need more donors – who can help us create the gift of a lifetime.

“We would particularly like to hear from men who are already fathers themselves.

“Father’s Day is a good time to think about helping someone have a much-wanted baby.

“Donating sperm offers men the chance to do something incredibly generous that improves the lives of other people immeasurably”

Whilst there are some restrictions, most fit and healthy males aged between 18 and 40 can donate sperm.

The process starts with an online questionnaire.

Following a sperm test, CARE lets volunteers know whether they are able to donate, with those recruited then attending further appointments.

One donor - who asked to be identified only as ‘Rob’ - has been told his sperm has created 13 children for 10 other families - and, if they choose to find him after their eighteenth birthdays,

is looking forward to meeting them.

“I am a sperm donor, and I am proud of that. These are families that might never have existed without me. It’s an amazing feeling to know that I’ve been able to help give these couples the baby they wanted and, that after a long struggle for them, they will be able to cherish their children every day.”

Once the testing has been done, you need to donate eight to 10 times before the clinic will have what they need.

One last sample is needed after a quarantine period and then the donations are available for patients.

You can find out how many babies have been born, along with their gender and their month of birth at age 18 any children produced can find out a bit more and may get in touch.

Donors can be paid expenses of £35 per visit.

Rob said: “I had a counselling session to make sure I was okay about having children I may never see.

“That’s a strange feeling and I do wonder what their lives are like.

“Perhaps one day I’ll have a chance to find out, at least with a few of them.”

For information about donating sperm or to complete an online questionnaire please click here or phone Northampton 601606.