Fertility clinic backs woman’s battle to keep husband’s sperm


A fertility clinic in Northampton is backing a woman’s legal battle to extend the storage of her late husband’s sperm .

Beth Warren and husband Warren Brewer, who lived in the Northampton area, decided to have his sperm frozen at the Care Fertility clinic, in The Avenue, when he was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour in 2005.

Mrs Warren, who uses her late husband’s first name as her surname, said she is not “emotionally, physically or practically” ready to decide whether she wants a baby using the sperm.

However, the consent for it to be used runs out next April and Mrs Warren has gone to the High Court in London to have the period extended.

Lynn Nice, laboratory manager at Care Northampton, said the company had no logistical or ethical difficulties with keeping Mr Brewer’s sperm and would be prepared to keep it longer if the High Court ruled in his wife’s favour. She said: “We are very sad to hear of her situation and we fully support her wishes. We hope the authority gives her the permission she is seeking.”

The maximum period consent can be given for sperm storage is 10 years. After that, the law says both a medical practitioner’s letter and another signature from the donor are needed for the consent to be extended.

Mrs Nice said: “The relevant Act already allows for posthumous reproduction so the issue is only the time span after death.”

A ruling will be delivered on an as-yet-unfixed date.