Fans’ petition calling for Cardoza to sell Northampton Town attracts 1,500 names

Cobblers V Mansfield Town. 'David Cardoza. NNL-140319-172912009
Cobblers V Mansfield Town. 'David Cardoza. NNL-140319-172912009

A petition calling for David Cardoza to sell Northampton Town to Kelvin Thomas has been signed by more than 1,500 fans.

The online petition, which can be found at, was set up by Cobblers fan Simon Turner.

Former Oxford United chairman, Mr Thomas, has a led a consortium wanting to take over the club ahead of Friday’s administration hearing and is understood to have an offer ready and waiting to be signed. The final decision rests with current owner and chairman, David Cardoza. Mr Cardoza has also been speaking to other parties including four Northampton-based businessmen, and another bid by Jed McCrory.

The petition says Mr Thomas’s offer is the best option.

“Kelvin Thomas is waiting in the wings for a deal to be completed.

“From what he has told us, he has met the clubs supporters trust, met the local council and agreed a loan repayment package and met Buckingham’s (company building the stand) and has had very positive discussions with them.

“When chairman of Oxford United, it was Kelvin Thomas who hired Chris Wilder and the latter has stated that the possibility of working with Kelvin is what has kept him at the club.

“Despite all of the positive news and glowing references, there is one man holding up this deal, you David Cardoza. You claim that you want to do what is in the best interest of the club which you said on BBC Northampton radio on Friday 20th November. If you do believe that, you will sell the club to Kelvin Thomas immediately.

“Everyday you dawdle, you are preventing ordinary people from paying their rents/mortgages, heating bills as the weather gets colder and food for their families. These are people who have stood by you through thick and thin because they trusted and respected you. It is time for you to repay that trust by selling the club to Kelvin Thomas and ending this nightmare once and for all,” the petition states.