Family who had car stolen told by Northamptonshire Police to pay them for recovery charge

The stolen car has since been recovered.
The stolen car has since been recovered.

A family who had their Vauxhall Corsa, hundreds of pounds worth of power-tools and electrical items stolen overnight from their home have been told to pay for storage and recovery fees.

Jenny and Steve Bradley of Lings were in bed at 4.20am on May 15 when they had their house broken into.

Offender(s) stole hundreds of pounds worth of power tools from kitchen and bathroom fitter's Steve's van, a laptop and iPad from their home as well as keys to their property and two of their vehicles.

In a letter sent to them by Northamptonshire Police dated May 16, 2017 the force said: "There will be a recovery and storage charge for the vehicle in line with the statutory fees."

Jenny's daughter, Paige, posted pictures of the car on a Facebook forum, and the car was later found by some friends in the neighbourhood.

Paige said: "This is beyond a joke and my family are furious.

"They are the ones who have been made victims yet they are the ones who are being victimised by police."

Jenny Bradley said: "We were in bed, we woke up at 4.20am - I saw some of my husband's stuff all over the place - all of the receipts from his job were on the floor."

"We have had more help from members of the public rather than then police.

"The car was found abandoned, luckily it didn't have much petrol in it.

"I think they took it for a bit of a razz around, they damaged one of the wheels."

Offenders stole tools worth hundreds of pounds, which include micro-saws, handsaws and an impact driver.

Now the family are having to pay an excess of £350 to get the locks changed on the Corsa as the offenders still have the keys to the car, as well as the house and van.

"It's not just them stealing, it is the inconvenience and they can always come back," she adds.

Shortly after, officers impounded the vehicle and took it away for forensic tests.

Northamptonshire Police has been approached for further comment.