Family thank two police constables after they rescued a 95-year-old Northampton woman from a burning house

Two police officers led an elderly lady from a house in Northampton that was on fire.

Monday, 14th November 2016, 8:39 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:02 pm
Woodland Close

The officers were in the area of Woodland Close, New Duston, when they became aware that the a house was alight.

With little thought for their own safety, the PCs dashed into the smoke filled home and led a woman, aged 95, to safety.

Warren Ellison., a fire service manager. said: "That was an exceptional rescue. Obviously, we don't encourage entering a burning building but circumstances dictated the risk."

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He later added in a tweet to Chief Constable Simon Edens, "Sir, you have staff to be very proud of here."

Mr Edens responded: "I'm very proud indeed."

Jo Edgar, the lady's great niece, said: "We'd like to give our heartfelt thanks to PC Matt Baker and PC Taylor Ellis who risked their own lives to save my 95-year-old Great Auntie.

"Words cannot express how much we appreciate your courage. You are both heroes.

"Without you we would have lost a truly amazing lady in such tragic circumstances so thank you again."

The woman was initially left in the care of firefighters before being transported to NGH by land ambulance.

She is recovering in hospital and in the process of being stepped down from high dependency.

The heroic PCs were treated at the scene by paramedics, after the incident, which happened on Friday morning.

A Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said the house suffered smoke damage to the living room.