Family disowns child rapist jailed for life

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The family of a child rapist have disowned him following his conviction, saying the incident had left them all in “deep shock”.

Jason Watts was jailed for life last month for the abduction, assault and rape of a 10-year-old girl in Northampton on August 29 last year.

Watts, aged 32, snatched the girl from a play area near her home, before taking her to a house in Semilong, punching her in the face and then raping her.

He has been told he will serve a minimum of seven years and two months behind bars, and will not be released until he is no longer considered a danger to the public.

Following the conviction, Watts’ sister, contacted the Chron to offer her “deepest apologies” to the girl and her family.

The sister, who asked not to be named, said: “No amount of words can repair the pain the family must be going through.

“I am a mother and it does not bear thinking about what I would do if this had happened to one of them.

“The sick, dirty person who committed this evil act is my estranged brother, and my family are in deepest shock at the evil act he has committed.

“Our thoughts are with the family and we would like them to know we do not condone in any way what he has done, nor support him in any way.”

In sentencing Watts, Judge Michael Fowler told him he had demonstrated an “inconceivable level of evil”.