Family charities win £10 million of Northamptonshire County Council contracts

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A group of children’s and women’s charities in Northamptonshire have been awarded council contracts worth £10 million to help 500 vulnerable families a year.

Award-winning county charity Service Six and their partners Northampton Women’s Aid (NWA),Northamptonshire Association of Youth Clubs (NAYC) and Family Action won nine of Northamptonshire County Council’s ten new Supporting Services contracts.

Service Six submitted tenders for all ten contracts with the others acting as main sub-contractors.

The new services - covering Northampton, Corby, Wellingborough, Daventry, East Northamptonshire and South Northamptonshire - will support up to 860 young people and 500 vulnerable families a year until at least 2018.

Jane Deamer, chief executive for Service Six, which has been helping hundreds of thousands of young people - and more recently children, adults and families - since the 1970s, said: “We are absolutely delighted with these wins. I hope our partners are as proud as I am of what we have achieved.

“Our bids represent a credible and safe local option for NCC.

“Choosing us ensures the community and NCC will receive high quality, consistency and significant economies of scale for the whole county.

“This is desperately needed at an exceptionally challenging time for our community’s most needy families and amidst NCC’s comprehensive safeguarding improvements and public funding cuts.”

Phil Houston NAYC’s youth development director, said: “NAYC looks forward to continuing to deliver our excellent training package and working together as a partnership to help serve families in the county.”

The new county council contracts are due to start in July 2014.

The key themes for the contracts are tackling domestic abuse, anti-social behaviour and providing parenting support.

New contract services include Service Six’s ‘StreetWise,’ NWA’s ‘Safe Plus’ and Family Action’s ‘Building Bridges’ programmes.

- ‘StreetWise’ will be focused on reducing youth anti-social behaviour and low-level offending.

- ‘Safe Plus’ will be supporting victims of domestic abuse and providing diverse behaviour changing group work programme for victims and perpetrators. NWA’s Joint Chief Executive, Chis Starmer, said: “This will allow NWA to continue to develop the delivery of specialist interventions designed to combat the growing statistics of people affected by domestic abuse.’

-The nationally successful ‘Building Bridges’ programme will be making its debut within the county along with its creators, Family Action. Jayne Stokes of Family Action - who provide practical, emotional and financial support to those experiencing poverty, disadvantage and social isolation - said: “Together, we are determined our collaborations will provide effective help and support, building stronger families in Northamptonshire for the future.”

Meanwhile Service Six has praised the input of the University of Northampton’s Hot House student consultancy service, saying it was intrumental in helping to analyse data for the contract bids.

Mrs Deamer said: “Hot House supported us in this process, and University of Northampton student consultant Lauren Harrison did an outstanding job in data analysis which contributed towards delivering a highly successful business case.

“This is significantly important for us and we have sent a big thank you to Hot House for all they have done to support us.”

Businesses looking for support from the Hot House student consultancy can find them at:

If you are being affected by poverty or domestic abuse, Service Six can be contacted at: