Family “appalled” with NGH care following bath fall

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The family of an elderly man, who fell into a bath of scalding hot water were “appalled” with the care he later received in hospital, an inquest has heard.

Kenneth Huison died, aged 82, at Northampton General Hospital (NGH) on December 14 last year, nearly two months after an accident at his home in Rillwood Court, Lumbertubs.

An inquest at the hospital heard Mr Huison had fallen into the bath he was running and was unable to turn it off.

He lay in scalding hot water for about an hour and suffered 15 per cent burns. Scans later revealed cancer in his pancreas and bones, which had not previously been diagnosed.

Mr Huison was initially transferred from NGH to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in Birmingham, due to the severity of his burns. His grandson, Lee Huison, alleged NGH did not want him to return as they did not have the same level of specialist staff. He also alleged staff incorrectly told the family his grandfather’s wounds were improving after his return, and gave him a drip that made his hands and face swell up. Lee’s wife, Emma, said: “We accepted he was dying, it was just the standard of care we were not happy with.”

Tissue viability nurse, Wyn Glencross, said: “I made sure the treatment plan was being followed and would have intervened accordingly if I had to.”

The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.