Fake paternity bid was ‘to gain entry to UK’

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A Ghanaian man falsely 
claimed to be the father of three children in a bid to gain UK citizenship, a court was told.

Philip Ayayee had his name put on the birth certificate of each of his then partner’s three children in 2009, a ruse which police were only made aware of two years later.

Northampton Magistrates Court heard on Monday that Ayayee only had leave to remain in the country until 2014 and was attempting to gain a UK passport.

But the court was also told Ayayee “wholly refutes” the claim, and was only trying to bring his family unit closer together.

Ayayee, aged 36, of Hellidon Close, Kingsthorpe, Northampton, admitted three charges of making a false statement.

Colin McGregor, prosecuting, said: “He had been persuaded to put his name on the birth certificates, despite not being the father of any of them.

“Part of the reason was for obtaining citizenship.”

Clare Fitzpatrick, mitigating, said: “He came to the UK as a student in 1999. His father died and he stayed here because the majority of his family were here.

“He thought to become a proper family he should get his name on the birth certificates.

“He wholly refutes the accusation from the prosecution that he did this to try to obtain citizenship.

“He had been a father figure to the boys and hopes to continue that in the future.”

The court was told the offence could only be punished by a fine in magistrates’ court or a prison sentence in Crown Court.

District judge, Timothy Daber, sent the case to Northampton Crown Court for sentencing and Ayayee was released on unconditional bail.

The court also heard Ayayee’s former partner had previously been given a caution in relation to the offence.