Extra donations make up for charity tin theft during Northampton fair

Animals in Need rely on donations
Animals in Need rely on donations

Extra donations have been pouring in to an animal charity to cover its losses after £40 was stolen fron its collection tin during Northampton’s Umbrella Fair.

Volunteers at the Animals in Need stall said they just saw a hand reaching up from beneath the pop-up gazebo wall and grab the notes from the tin before the owner of the hand, a man said to be in his twenties, ran away.

People nearby tried to chase the man ,but he got away and the incident was reported to the police.

Commenting on the incident at The Raceourse in Northampton on Saturday, August 16, Animals in Need trustee, Rory Marriott said: “I was at a charity meeting in London at the time but, thanks to social media, people there were asking me about it within the hour.

“I was furious when I heard what happened, but I am very grateful to all the people who have made donations to make up for the loss.”

To add your support, visit: www.animals-in-need.org.