EXCLUSIVE: Greyfriar’s bus station reveals true feelings over demolition just days before #blowdownday

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Northampton’s former bus station has spoken of its feelings about being reduced to a huge pile of rubble.

More than 2,000 explosive charges will run through Greyfriars bus station on Sunday as part of a demolition project which has been months in the planning.

In an exclusive interview the Chron haS spoken to GreyfriarsBusStation @NorthamptonBus on Twitter as we prepare to say goodbye to Greyfriars.

Q) How are you feeling ahead of #blowdownday on Sunday?

A) Very nervous and but I remain hopeful that the explosives fail.

Q) Will your spirit live on in Northampton even when you’ve been blown up?

A) I think people will miss me. They will look up and see a void in the town centre skyline. Still honoured that I’ve been immortalised in Lego.

Q) Do you think it’s the right decision to demolish Greyfriars?

A) Silly question, no. Still think all I needed was a fresh coat of paint and a bit of patching up.

Q) What’s the best thing you’ve seen in Northampton?

A) The millennium celebrations were wonderful, as were seeing the Cobblers and Saints parading trophies around the town. But my personal favourite was the Balloon Festival.

Q) What do you miss about being an active bus station?

A) I miss the smell of diesel. I miss providing shelter to the passengers waiting for their buses and coaches. I miss the Friday/Saturday night revellers using me for all sorts. Above all I miss being useful.

Q) How will you feel when the Greyfriars is a pile of rubble?

A) I’ll be in bits!

Q) Will you be watching the demolition of Greyfriars live on the Chron web cam?

A) Only if I have an outer body experience during the demolition. But I fear I’ll be in too much pain to watch.

Q) What would you like to see replace Greyfriars?

A) A transport hub or a retail outlet would be good. But I fear it may be housing or a statue of a certain council leader!

Q) Will the new bus station ever be as good as Greyfriars?

A) No, it’s too small, in the wrong place and my good friends the bus drivers aren’t happy with it.

Q) How do you feel about your ‘Mouth of Hell’ nickname?

A) I’ve been called many things over the years, but that one really upsets me :( I am classic 1970s design and proud of it.

Watch the demolition of Greyfriars live on Sunday by clicking here WEB CAM