EXCLUSIVE: Eye witness speaks of “mini-riot” in Bridge Street as four men get stabbed in brawl

Bridge Street closed by police
Bridge Street closed by police

An eye-witness has described seeing a “mini-riot” break out in Bridge Street, Northampton, during which four men were stabbed.

Gareth Whitlock said police formed a riot line across the street to break up the fight which lasted almost an hour, after a group of people piled out of Faces bar. Three people are currently being treated in University Hospital in Coventry and one at Northampton General Hospital.

Mr Whitlock, who lives with his partner on the street, was woken at about 3.30am after hearing screaming, followed by glass smashing.

He said: “We looked out of the window and saw about 30 people rushing out of Faces bar.

“One person got knocked to the floor and then it spread as people started to throw punches. That’s when I called the police.

“Then two people got into a white Audi and started driving very fast and erratically, as if they were trying to run someone over.

“People outside the bar continued to throw things. There were sounds of glass smashing and then someone picked up a metal barrier and threw that into the crowd.”

The first police car arrived around shortly after the call.

Mr Whitlock, aged 24, said: “Two more police cars turned up soon after, followed by an ambulance, and they blocked off the bottom of Bridge Street.

“By this time there were about 12 police officers and they formed a line across the road and started pushing up the street. Then another ambulance arrived and a further police van with its dog squad. We saw two people get into an ambulance.

“It started to die down around 4.30am.”

When Mr Whitlock woke up at 7am to go work, Bridge Street was still cordoned off by police and he was directed to leave the road a different way.

He said: “There were still evidence cones dotted around the street, including one marking out a blood-stained rag on the floor.

“We have no idea what started it all, but it looked like it was a fight between two large groups. There were no bouncers or door staff that we could see.

“The whole thing was havoc - like a mini-riot”.

East Midlands Ambulance Service said: “We received the first of a series of 999 calls to this incident at 03.57. We sent three ambulances and a solo responder, the first of these resources arrived at 04.09.

“A clinical manager also attended the scene.

“We took three casualties to Northampton General and one to Coventry Wallsgrave A&E. We later transferred two of the patients to the trauma unit at Coventry Wallsgrave Hospital. All four patients had serious injuries.

“This was a very demanding incident but one which our staff dealt with in a highly professional manner.”

Bridge Street has been closed since the incident but reopened just before midday.