EXCLUSIVE: Cobblers release new artist’s impression of East Stand development at Sixfields

cobblers stand
cobblers stand

A new image of the East Stand at Sixfields has been released showing clearer views of the pitch for fans than previous plans.

The artists’ impressions, by Northampton-based architects MatchBox, show how the seating area, currently under construction, will look once it is completed in the next few weeks.

The multi-million pound project is part of a wider redevelopment programme at Sixfields, which includes a new hotel, conference centre, executive boxes and more.

Club chairman David Cardoza: “We are really excited that we are on the verge of providing the club with a whole new range of facilities.

“These facilities can be the catalyst to providing a whole raft of opportunities for the club and the local community.”

Mr Cardoza said the new stand would include corporate boxes and the Legends’ Lounge area, paying tribute to the history of the club, as well as a large concourse and indoor family fans’ village, providing activities on match days.

The chairman added: “The frustration for me is that we have suffered a slight delay in the building of this stand. It is nothing major, around four to five weeks, but it is frustrating that it isn’t ready for the start of the season.

“Such delays are common. Anyone who has been involved in building work will know they can happen so while that is not a shock, it is still disappointing. We are advised that the new stand will be open by the end of September and while it is annoying that there is a delay of a few weeks, this club has waited 117 years for such facilities, so we will have to put up with a few weeks.”

Mr Cardoza said there was no ‘conspiracy’ to the delay and issued an apology to the club’s supporters, who will not be able to sit in the stand during the first few games of the season.

Much of the work that has been completed, he added, is on the inside of the West Stand, including the home, away and match officials dressing rooms, the players gym, the physio room and . The ‘luxury’ suites adjacent to the stand should be ready by the end of August.

He went on to say: “The new floodlights are in, the new PA system is in and the building of the hotel and conference centre will begin in autumn.

“We are entering a new era for Northampton Town Football Club so there will be a period of disruption for a while. We will work through it.”

The first game the new East Stand will be open for is the Burton Albion match on October 11.

“As we go through this period, I would like to thank supporters for their patience and wish them all a happy new season. Good luck to Chris Wilder and the boys as they carry our hopes in to the 2014/15 campaign. I am delighted with the squad Chris has put together, and I am sure we can look forward to much brighter times for this football club, on and off the pitch.”

Cobblers chairman David Cardoza has issued a frank open letter to fans to apologise for the late opening of the East Stand.

In it he writes: “We were hoping to have the new stand ready and open for the first game of the season or shortly afterwards, so to have to wait until the end of September is frustrating.

“These delays are outside of the club’s control, but we know it is our job to say sorry.

“We know a lot of you chose to buy a match or a season ticket in the East Stand for a number of reasons. We know you wanted to enjoy the new facilities and we are sorry you will have to wait a little longer than you should. We know many of you like to go in the East Stand and enjoy the family area with your children and we are sorry you can’t do that at the first few games.

“We know disabled supporters enjoy watching games from an elevated level and again we are sorry you won’t be able to enjoy that view for the first few games.

“We are going through a necessary period of change that brings uncertainty and I know uncertainty is one of the pet hates of a football fan.

“ However, go through this period we must and we will come through it a much bigger, stronger club.”

He added: “We will contact East Stand season ticket holders when the stand is open to make our full and proper apology.”