Ex-nurse, aged 60, retrains to help keep older people in Northampton safe online

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A former nurse from Northampton has retrained to specialise in making older people safe online.

Patsy Carville, from Kingsley, worked at St Andrew’s Hospital until she left because of a disability.

Unable to get a full-time job, she retrained as a computer expert and now, aged 60, physically fixes computers and gives voluntary lessons to older people on how to use their machines.

She said: “One of the main issues is that people my age or older don’t use a lot of the internet.

“They don’t have online banking or Apple Store accounts to download music because they don’t want to use their cards or bank accounts online.

“Much of what I teach, after I establish what they want from their computer, is how to keep themselves safe so they don’t give any personal details away.”

The other element of teaching people how to use their computer, Mrs Carville says, is telling people what the machine wants from them.

She said: “Put simply, I tell people that their computer wants to be told what to do and you are essentially learning how to ask it.”

Mrs Carville has been working voluntarily for Age UK but hopes to offer paid work either one-to-one or in workshops, in future.

Her website is www.glitchfixers.com