Ex-beauty queen with dementia inspiring women and men across Northampton to wear red lipstick

Gloria Mercer with her daughter Jules Osmany
Gloria Mercer with her daughter Jules Osmany
  • Jules Osmany’s mum, Gloria Mercer, has vascular dementia
  • Their last lucid conversation was a request by Mrs Mercer for her trademark red lipstick
  • Mrs Osmany wants people to wear red lippy on May 1 to raise awareness of dementia

A daughter from Northampton is asking people to wear red lipstick to raise awareness of her mum’s condition.

Gloria Mercer, aged 82, was diagnosed with vascular dementia five years ago and has rapidly declined since 2012.

It meant such a lot to me when she asked for the red lipstick because it was her character all over.

Jules Osmany

Her daughter, Jules Osmany, from Billing Road, has watched her mum slowly slip away with only the odd glimpse of her former personality.

But during Jules’s last lucid conversation with her mum Mrs Mercer asked for her trademark red lipstick, which she always wore with pride.

Jules now wants people to adopt red lipstick on May 1 to raise awareness of vascualr dementia.

Jules said: “It was on Mother’s Day and she said could I get her some red lipstick from the shops.

“It turned out that it was just a blip, but it meant a lot to me at the time because that was her all over.

“She was a model from an era, the forties and fifties, when there was all this Hollywood glamour. I was so pleased that I bought her three!”

Jules, a make-up artist, now wants people - men or women - to put on red lipstick, take a selfie and use it as their profile picture on Facebook or Twitter. She is also encouraging people to donate £1 to Dementia UK by texting: PUCK82 £1 to 70070.

For more information visit www.facebook.com/redlippydayor www.justgiving.com/redlippyday/

Jules said: “Red lippy is a real statement. I want people to be asked ‘why are you wearing that?’ so they can tell people it’s for dementia.”