Evolution ‘flash mob’ to visit Northampton as part of national tour

Two acting students are to visit Northampton as part of a 100-performance tour across Great Britain that condenses the story of evolution into just 30 minutes.

Starting as ‘single celled organisms’, the two students will evolve into a variety of animals before turning into Homosapien man, enjoying adventures in Roman, Victorian and Modern times.

Daniel Middlewood and Conor Lowson, both aged 20, will embark on their 50-date Big Theatre Campaign tour on Sunday.

Their flash mob performances, which will take place in schools and public places across the nation, aim to give people the chance to experience contemporary theatre up close.

They are due to visit Northampton on March 26.

Mr Lowson said: “We want to break down some of the stigma attached to contemporary theatre and give everyone a chance to experience it.

“We don’t need a stage, fancy lighting or elaborate costumes. Our performances will tell the story.”