Evidence relating to ‘riot’ in Northampton heard in private

Faces in Bridge Street
Faces in Bridge Street

Bar owners, police and councillors will hear evidence about the mini-riot in Bridge Street behind closed doors today.

The press and public have been excluded from the Guildhall hearings, which will review the licences of Faces Bar and Nu Bar, because evidence given, if known by the public, may interfere with the ongoing police investigation.

A Northampton borough council spokesman said: “Due to the nature of the evidence being discussed, or likely to be discussed and the need to ensure that any information does not prejudice any police enquiry into the incidents the meeting will be held in private in accordance with legal rules.”

The outcome of each hearing will be published following the hearings.

It follows fighting in Bridge Street involving about 60 people in the early hours of last Friday.

The disturbance saw six people stabbed and police have been looking at charges including attempted murder and riot.

One man has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm.

Police believe the people involved had been at both Nu Bar and Faces Bar before the fighting broke out.

Last Friday, the council’s licensing sub-committee agreed to suspend the licence of both bars for seven days pending a full review.

Today, the date for the next hearing will be set where the sub-committee will meet to decide whether action will be taken against each bar.