‘Everyone is very scared here’: Northampton teen describes ‘chaos’ in aftermath of horror gun attack in Tunisia

A Northampton teenager holidaying in Tunisia close to where 28 people were shot dead this afternoon has told of her ordeal as panicked tourists ran from the beach in terror.

At least 28 people, including some Britons, have been killed in an attack on a beach near two tourist hotels in the Tunisian resort town of Sousse, according to the country’s interior ministry.

A horror attack in the Tunisian holiday resort of Sousse left dozens dead

A horror attack in the Tunisian holiday resort of Sousse left dozens dead

Officials say one gunman has been shot dead and another is being pursued.

Northampton teenager Rhianna Ashley Coe, 18, who is currently staying at a resort in nearby Skanes with two friends was among hundreds of tourists ‘rushed inside’ from the beach when news broke of the attack.

Speaking form Tunisia, she said: “We didn’t hear the gunfire but everyone was running inside in panic when we found out, reps were telling everyone to calm down and it would be fine but we were obviously still very scared.”

Miss Ashley Coe, who plans to go to university in September, said: “We planned on going into the Sousse town today to go shopping but changed our mind. So glad we did.”

Describing the current scene in the Sahara Beach hotel where she is staying, she added: “Reception is filled with people, we were on the beach when we were told and rushed inside. There were children crying and the reps were trying to calm everyone down.”

Miss Ashley Coe said travel company Thomas Cook had offered return flights to stranded brits in the North African country.

But she said the list of those wanting to go home was ‘very long’ and was adding to the unrest.

“At least three helicopters have gone over our hotel so far,” she added. “And planes leaving the airport near us all the time. Lots of people turned up in coaches from Sousse as we are close, and everyone is very scared here.”