Evacuated Northampton residents must bring essentials on Greyfriars ‘blowdown’ day

Greyfriars Bus Station NNL-150602-104041009
Greyfriars Bus Station NNL-150602-104041009

The demolition expert in charge of the Greyfriars ‘blowdown’ has issued further assurances to those displaced during the day .

A total of 414 properties will be evacuated from 8am on Sunday, March 15.

Those in the ‘exclusion zone’ have already been given a letter and questionnaire informing them that a temporary evacuation shelter will run at the Park Inn throughout the day. However some residents, including Chantelle Christie, of Georges House in Latymer Court, did have some concerns .

Miss Christie said : “Where are they going to put us all on the day? There is going to be a lot of people surely.

“It’s a massive inconvenience to just drop on us at this stage.”

But Billy Young, contracts manager for DSM Demolition, says there will be enough space at the Park Inn for all those displaced.

He said: “There will be hot bacon and sausage sandwiches on the morning and a vegetarian option as well.

“People will be quite well catered for, but they must realise they need to bring their own essentials such as credit cards, medication, glasses and mobile phones.”

Those with concerns or queries can call DSM on 0121 322 2225. A residents’ meeting is being arranged.