Retailers move to allay fears of fuel shortage after motorists flock to petrol stations across Northampton

One onlooker has said drivers were 'going mad to get some' at a busy petrol station in the town

Friday, 24th September 2021, 11:05 pm
This was the scene on Morrison's forecourt in Kettering Road on Friday morning

Retailers have moved to reassure drivers in Northampton over fuel stocks after the town's petrol stations were packed today, Friday, after warnings in the national media.

The news broke yesterday that BP said a "handful" of its stations across the country were closed because of a lack of delivery drivers.

Following chaotic scenes at forecourts across the country, and in Northampton, retailers put out messages urging people not to panic buy.

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A marshall was posted at Sainsbury's in Sixfields to help cars in and out of the pumps

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We have good availability of fuel, with deliveries arriving at our petrol filling stations across the UK every day”.

And a Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “We’re experiencing high demand for fuel. We’re working closely with our supplier to maintain supply and all our sites continue to receive fuel.”

Morrison's in Victoria Promenade and Kettering Road, Sainsbury's in Sixfields, Tesco Extra in Mereway, and the Texaco in Harborough Road were all overflowing with traffic at around noon today (Friday).

The queues into the petrol stations also had knock-on effects for the traffic on the roads surrounding the supermarkets.

Sainsbury's in Sixfields had an appointed marshal out on the forecourt directing the traffic to different pumps. Motorists in Tesco Extra in Mereway were driving past the petrol station after seeing the size of the queues on the forecourt. Morrison's in Victoria Promenade saw queues going back to near Becket's Park on the A4500.

And one Chron reader sent in a picture of Morrison's in Kettering Road, saying everyone was 'going mad to get some'.

Some Chron readers have blamed the media for causing a 'panic', while others point to Brexit and driver shortages.

Chris Pearce wrote on the Chron's initial petrol queues story: "We just shouldn't publish these stories as the British public has proven time and time again they aren't able to manage at even the hint of a crisis. They do the opposite of what is suggested."

Chris Beale added: "How are people blaming the media. BP started this by saying they were closing petrol stations due to not being able to deliver fuel to them which is caused by the HGV driver shortage? "The HGV driver shortage has been caused by? I’ll give you a clue. It rhymes with exit... don’t blame the media, blame the government. It’s their fault…again."

Victoria Phipps wrote: "We went to Morrison’s this morning on Kettering road and the petrol station was grid locked. Not looking forward to when I need to fill up."

Diane Ellingham added: "I blame the media for scaremongering. As soon as they mention it in the news, we get panic buying. I think they do it on purpose. What a winter to look forward to: no gas, no food, no petrol. We are becoming a third world country?"

There are around 20 petrol stations in Northampton.

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