Angry resident and 'dismayed' councillor slam 'depressing, disgraceful, and disrespectful' littering in busy Northampton street

"This issue has never been addressed properly in 10 years. I think it's time for everybody to grow up about dealing with this properly."

Tuesday, 7th December 2021, 5:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th December 2021, 5:46 pm

A busy street in Northampton notorious for daily littering and fly-tipping is once again being flagged up by residents who live in the area.

Kingsley resident Jayne West posted pictures on a well-known town Facebook page of the 'disgraceful' and 'disrespectful' mess that lies along the Kettering Road.

Jayne says she has been campaigning over the last 10 years for the different local authorities to do something about this blight on the town, but says she has been continuously ignored.

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The scene outside of the Fresh Fish Supermarket in Kettering Road. The shop has not been part of the littering problem.

She said: "It's utterly depressing, disgraceful, miserable, disrespectful. It impacts on residents and businesses. Those poor guys at the Fresh Fish Supermarket, they are trying their best to deal with it all.

"This is a decade long neglect of that area and also Kingsley Park Terrace. If you were visiting Northampton, this would put you off.

"There is a really strong community and lots of shops and businesses trying their best - but would you open a shop here?

"This issue has never been addressed properly in 10 years. I think it's time for everybody to grow up about dealing with this properly.

Cages of empty stock left on the pavement in Kettering Road

"I think the problem is there is a lot of illegal HMOs and open recycling boxes.

"There needs to be azero toleranceto littering in that street, and across the town. Until there is a zero tolerance policy, it will keep happening.

"The more degenerating the area is, the more it attracts bad behaviour. It's a really vicious cycle."

Jayne said fixing the source of the problem instead of just regularly clearing the rubbish after it has been reported should be the council's number one priority.

A fly-tipped mattress left out on the pavement just off Kettering Road

"This is the number one issue for Northampton, in my view, but everyone is pushing the problem on to someone else.

"West Northamptonshire Council need to invest in the public realm."

Councillor Danielle Stone, for the Castle ward, held similar views to Jayne, saying she is 'dismayed' with the 'squalor'.

"I am really dismayed by the squalor in this area," she said.

More Kettering Road litter

"I have been in touch with council officers this morning and impressed on them the urgency of the situation. I am assured that a review of the Veolia work plan for the area has been called for.

"There are lots of complex issues that need addressing: rogue landlords, criminal gangs flytipping, a transient population that needs educating.

"We need more resources for this neighbourhood. Local retailers and residents deserve better."

Fresh Fish Supermarket said that because there is a public bin outside of their shop, they have 'a lot of problems' with mess from others over-using it.

West Northamptonshire Council has been contacted for comment.

The road is a disgrace according to Jayne