Environment chief pleased at Northampton's 90-day 'deep clean'... after contractors clear up 5,400 fly-tips

More than 40 tonnes of litter has been collected by Veolia workers since the firm took over responsibility for keeping the town tidy on June 4.

Wednesday, 5th September 2018, 8:01 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th September 2018, 8:02 am
Veolia took over control of Northampton's environmental services on June 4.

Cabinet member for the environment on Northampton Borough Council, Councillor Mike Hallam, has praised the new environmental services contractors after completing their 90-day "deep clean" of Northampton.

Veolia took over responsibility for street cleaning, collecting bins, cutting grass verges and maintaining parks and cemeteries from the Amey-owned firm Enterprise in June, after the previous contractors faced a volley of criticism over the state of the town.

Facts and figures released by the council today show the new contractors have already collected more than 5,400 fly-tips from around the borough as part of its deep clean, as well as 40 tonnes of litter.

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Councillor Hallam said: “We are pleased with how the first 90 days of the new environmental services contract has gone. It was a big job to take on and it is great to see residents feeding back about the positive difference they can already see.

“There is still much to do however, as we move forward with our plan to make the town a cleaner and safer place to live, work and visit, a town we can all be proud of.

“And we hope that our plans, which include the introduction of lidded recycling bins in some areas of the town, the development of a neighbourhood champion scheme and targeted fly tipping campaigns, will ensure residents continue to see a positive change in months and years to come.”

Yesterday we revealed that Chron readers were generally in support of Veolia's efforts so far, after 1,300 filled in a survey about the firm's first days in charge.

Other changes include the introduction of lidded, wheeled, all-in-one recycling bins currently being delivered to residents in some areas of the town to help reduce the amount of street litter, and a new recycling collection service, which will begin later this month.

Sub-contractors Idverde say they have also gotten to grips with the grass cutting in parks and along street verges, with the third cut of the year already under way.

Earlier this year, under the previous contractors Amey, grass in parts of the Eastern district had reached 4ft in places and was hampering visibility at junctions.

Veolia also says it is ahead of the planned schedule of shrub and tree maintenance, with works carried out on more than 400 trees so far.

Regional director at Veolia, Keith McGurk, said: “It has been an incredibly busy start to the contract but I am delighted that residents are already seeing improvements to the town.”