England Rugby medic from Northampton takes BBC behind the scenes ahead of World Cup

Phil Pask
Phil Pask

A physiotherapist from Northampton will star in a BBC1 documentary tonight that follows the England Rugby medic behind the scenes with the national team.

Phil Pask, of Northampton physiotherapy practice Witty, Pask & Buckingham Chartered Physiotherapists, will feature in the show which will be screened at 7.30pm on Monday night. The programme sees Mr Pask putting England stars through their paces in order to get them back to full fitness ahead of the World Cup, which starts later this month.

A former Northampton Saints and England player himself, Mr Pask, who still works from his clinic on Billing Road, believes that despite controversy surrounding the rise of head injuries sustained by players in recent years, rugby is a sport that is appreciated by fans for its warrior-like nature.

And he says that adapting the rules in any way to reduce the strain put on players’ bodies would take away from the appeal of the game.

He told the BBC: “You come to Franklin’s Gardens and it’s fantastic to be that close and hear the crunches. You go to Twickenham and see these guys hitting each other so hard, getting up and playing on.

“That’s what we love about the game - you can’t take that away from the game or it wouldn’t be the same. We safeguard as best we can for that by making sure the boys are robust, strong and resilient to injury.

“I think we’ve got systems in place with our clubs and with England that probably protects them as best as they can. But it’s a high collision, high velocity game and that’s why we love it.”Enl