Special school youngsters record new Christmas tune

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Pupils at a special school in Northampton have followed in the footsteps of Band Aid by creating their own charity supergroup to sing a Christmas song.

A song called Tell Me It’s Christmas has been written by a governor at Fairfields School, in Trinity Avenue, and every pupil at the school has contributed to a performance of the track either vocally or by using an instrument.

A recording of the song took place on Friday and this will be put on sale on iTunes with all money raised donated to the school. Jen Bloyce, music co-ordinator, said: “The song has been written by Ben Cocks, a composer and producer for TV, and he had the idea of using it to raise money for the school.

“The aim is to get the whole school involved. The children who find it hard to vocalise will be using any part of their body to contribute with chimes, bells or switches.

“The song is completely original and very catchy. No children will be left out and it is a complete school effort.

“As a result of the success of the Paralympics, there is a real buzz in the air about disability and we want to raise awareness of the children with disabilities in Northampton.”

To buy a copy of Tell Me It’s Christmas go to the iTunes website.