School head to ‘name and shame’ bad parkers

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A Northampton head teacher will ‘name and shame’ drivers who double-park their cars outside her school, because she says they make the road unsafe for the children.

Jackie Lapsa, of Vernon Terrace Primary School, said some parents frequently double-park or stop their cars on ziz-zag lines outside the school when they drop off or pick up their children.

She said: “It is a huge problem at the school and over the last few weeks when it was particularly icy on the road it was an accident waiting to happen.”

She said she would include the registration numbers of any drivers she sees double-parked in Vernon Terrace in the school’s next newsletter and has also started to display a list on the school’s front doors every day.

She said: “All it takes is for one car to be parked illegally and for a child to cross as a car is coming and they can’t see the child crossing. That could be the end.”

She added: “I’ve been head teacher here for six years and have fought a long battle with parking.

“It’s only a few parents doing this. The majority are really supportive of what we’re trying to do. The ones who do double-park need to organise themselves so they’re here a bit earlier and can park in the street. It may be a five-minute walk but at least everybody would be safe.”

Ms Lapsa has contacted Northamptonshire Police Force about the issue and 
said: “I am taking action against it. It is just unacceptable putting children’s lives in danger.”

Sergeant Matt Phillips, from the central safer community team, added: “We dedicate a lot of officer time and attention to Vernon Terrace School, which involves regularly changing shifts to provide a police presence outside at key times in the mornings and afternoons.”