Northampton High School to host two-day summer science fair for county schools

Northampton High School
Northampton High School

Northampton High School will be hosting a two-day summer science extravaganza next week for primary schools across the county.

Year 5 pupils from 12 different schools will be invited to join the High School on July 7 and 8 for a number of interactive science themed workshops.

Students will have the opportunity to make bath bombs with highstreet cosmetics brand Lush, before handling wild animals including turantulas and boa constrictors with Animal Encounters.

Other companies expected to deliver workshops include Mad Science, which specialises in making science enjoyable, and Highly Sprung, who educate children through physical performance. Anglian Water will be running a session on clean and dirty water, as well as sewerage treatment.

Spokeswoman for Northampton High School, Rachael Dwyer, said: “This is going to be twice as big as last year because it will be involving more schools. I think it will promote the children to go into science related careers, and more women into science specifically.”

This year’s event comes after the success of a similar scheme that the school ran in 2013. It will be supported by HSBC, which awarded £5,000 to the school to help them run the enrichment event.