No school plan for new Northampton estate


Consultants helping to plan 800 new houses on a current University of Northampton campus do not yet have any plans to build a GP surgery, school or community centre.

A consultation event about the proposed Park Campus homes, off Boughton Green Road, which finished yesterday, saw residents express serious concerns about the overload on key services.

But Savills, who are submitting the scheme for outline planning permission on behalf of the university, admitted they have not yet been considered. Director Neil Rowley said: “To be blunt, 
neither a GP surgery or a school are in the plans. It’s something we will have to look at.

“We want to make sure there is a demand; we don’t want any white elephants.

“Residents have expressed their opinion on the matter at this event and we will look at it. We will talk to the county council and other service providers.”

A future developer may either build the community facilities or else make a cash contribution to the county council or NHS. The latter is understood to be more likely.

Tony Watts, of Upton Close, Sunnyside, said: “The surgeries and schools are full now. More houses are not going to ease that.”

Other residents expressed concern about the additional levels of congestion,

Janet Eaves said: “At least the students, who by the way don’t all have cars, gave us respite during the holidays. Commuters will be there all year.”

The university says that with 11,000 staff and students using the site currently, the homes will result in a reduction in traffic.

Mr Rowley added: “During the summer people tend to stay at home more so traffic levels will drop in a similar way.

“The homes will not begin to be built until 2018 and there will they will be spread over six or seven years.”