Mary Poppins hits back at critical Ofsted report

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A day nursery in Northampton is challenging an Ofsted inspector’s report that critcised the centre over its standards of cleanliness.

Mary Poppins Day Nursery, in Moulton Park, was inspected last month and a report of the visit claims “stale food and mould was found in the fridge” and rooms contained “discarded tissues and small bits of paper on the carpets.”

Jody Donnell, owner of the nursery, said she had challenged the findings by Ofsted as she believed the criticisms of the inspector were unfair.

She said: “As she was saying things during the inspection we were challenging them but she didn’t seem to be listening. There was not any mould in the fridge it was just some spilt milk. The area she said was a hazard to the children is somewhere the children don’t even go and I told her that at the time. I’m hoping that the Ofsted report will be overturned.”

Inspector Karen Millerchip said she believed the cleanliness of the building was not maintained to a sufficient standard which was a “breach of a welfare requirement”.

Her report claims: “The system for food storage is haphazard and insufficient labelling of baby milk, partially eaten and opened food does not minimise the risk of cross contamination.

“On the internal surfaces of the fridge there are signs of stale food and some mould spots which further impacts on the health and welfare of children.”

The nursery was given an overall grade of “inadequate” and has been given a notice to improve including a requirement that steps be taken to make sure the fridge is clean.

As the findings of the Ofsted report have been challenged it will now be reviewed by chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw.

Sir Michael will review the Ofsted report and he will decide whether the grading given to the nursery was unfair or if some of the inspector’s judgements need to be changed.

Mary Poppins Day Nursery was also rated “inadequate” and given a notice to improve following an Ofsted inspection in November last year.