Headteacher defends decision to ban charity head shave by pupils


The head teacher of a Northampton secondary school has defended her decision to refuse a request by two pupils who wanted to shave their heads to raise money for Cancer Research.

Claire Morrell, head teacher of Abbeyfield School, said the school was a huge supporter of charity fund-raising ideas but did not think it was appropriate for two female pupils to shave their heads.

Ms Morrell said the school also had an ‘extreme hair policy’ which all pupils were required to abide by.

She said: “Our pupils are constantly coming up with fund-raising ideas and we encourage them to do something that will benefit the whole community.

“The school raised £39,000 for charity last year and we encourage pupils to think of creative ways to raise money.

“There are numerous things the students can do to raise money for charity, but on this occasion I don’t think the head shave is an appropriate thing to do.

“Unfortunately we can’t sanction every idea the pupils come up with.”

Ms Morrell said the school recently handed over a £800 cheque to a Leukaemia Research Centre in Cambridge and recently raised £700 to support a school in The Gambia.

One of the Abbeyfield pupils who has been prevented from shaving her head wrote a post on Facebook saying that she was “disgusted and disappointed” by the school’s decision.