“Drunken and abusive” tenant who intimidated neighbours could face eviction

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A “drunken and abusive” tenant who heaped years of misery on her neighbours could face eviction if she doesn’t change her ways.

Lisa Smalley has been made the subject of a 12-month demotion order, which means her tenancy is no longer secure, and any further bad behaviour could lead to her being thrown out.

She has also been made the subject of an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction (ASBI), an indefinite order which prevents her from engaging in housing-related anti-social conduct.

Smalley, aged 43, of Nursery Lane, Kingsthorpe, Northampton, appeared at Northampton County Court on Monday.

The court was told that Northampton Borough Council had received complaints for a number of years about Smalley, who had intimidated neighbours through drunken and abusive behaviour.

The order imposed by the court means she is banned from being under in the influence of alcohol in Nursery Lane and West Ridge, while behaving in a manner likely to cause nuisance, alarm or distress.

She is also prohibited from being abusive, insulting, threatening, or using intimidating language or behaviour in the same streets; from communicating with some specific neighbours, and from entering a specific property in Nursery Lane.

If she breaches either of the last two terms, she can be arrested.

Councillor Mary Markham, (Con, Obelisk), cabinet member for housing said: “It is vital we take action against people who act in an anti-social manner and cause distress to their neighbours. We hope this acts as a deterrent to other residents that cause disturbance and disrupt the lives of others.”

Tenants concerned about anti-social behaviour can contact their housing officer on 0300 330 7000.