Drunk teen from Northampton was knocked over by taxi then attacked medic who came to help

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A drunken teenager who injured himself while damaging a passing taxi attacked a paramedic who came to treat him.

Sam Maitland, of Park Avenue North, described his inebriation as “10 out of 10” during the incident, which happened in Pitsford following a wedding reception.

While being taken home in a taxi in the early hours of the morning, he became aggressive and, after the driver stopped, they exchanged punches at the roadside.

Instead of walking off, Northampton Magistrates’ Court heard Maitland then stood in the middle of the A508 yelling at passing cars.

After a while, another taxi came along the road and Maitland “lunged at it” drunkenly. The driver, Mark Vernon, swerved but hit the defendant, who ended up at the side of the road with a serious facial injury.

A 999 call resulted in an ambulance arriving at the scene, but Maitland, was intimidating towards the medic as he tried to treat him in the ambulance.

Police were then called but, as they arrived, Maitland pushed the shocked medic forcefully out of the ambulance.

A police constable then tried to restrain Maitland but the defendant lashed out, leaving the officer with a broken finger.

He was eventually brought under control, bound wrist and ankle, and arrested.

The court heard Maitland was remorseful and had written identical letters of apology to all three victims.

However, magistrates said he had committed three serious offences - two assaults on public servants and up to £600 of damage to the wing and mirror of the taxi.

Maitland, a plumbing and heating apprentice, was sentenced to six weeks in prison for each offence suspended for 12 months, and ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.

He was also ordered pay £750 in compensation to the officer, £200 to the paramedic and pay for the repairs to the taxi.