Drunk man who threatened to blow-up Northampton petrol station stopped by fireman's hose

A drunk who demanded cider from a Northampton petrol station was prevented from blowing it up by a fireman's hose.

Saturday, 21st May 2016, 6:00 am

Police and firefighters were called to the BP petrol station in St James Road at 7.40pm on November 4 because staff were panicked by the behaviour of 26-year-old Valerijs Orlovs.

Northampton Crown Court heard yesterday that a kiosk assistant had walked out onto the forecourt to pour sand on a petrol spillage only to find Orlovs standing in the way with a fuel hose in one hand and what appeared to be a cigarette lighter in the other.

After being told to go away by Orlovs, she went back inside and evacuated the shop before calling police.

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Two police officers arrived and tried to reason with him - even getting a bottle of cider from the petrol station shop at Orlovs’ request - but were forced to retreat several times when the defendant put the lighter towards the hose.

Minutes later two fire engines arrived and the officers and firefighters quickly concocted a plan to distract Orlovs so he could be subdued.

As a result, a firefighter sprayed Orlovs with a fire engine hose, both incapacitating him making sure there could be no stray flames.

The two officers then pounced and handcuffed him before taking him to a police station.

Orlovs gave no comment in interview but was charged with attempted arson with intent. He later admitted the charge.

At the hearing before Judge Timothy Smith yesterday, there was disagreement between the prosecution and defence over whether Orlovs, of Northampton House, Wellington Street, actually lit the lighter.

As a result, the case was adjourned until next month so that fact can be established and Orlovs can be sentenced.