Drugs dealer tells judge he will ‘go to hell’

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A drug dealer who operated “at the top of the cocaine market” in Northampton, has been jailed for nine years, but not before telling a judge he would be “damned to eternal hell”.

Christopher Peachment, aged 41, formerly of Selt Close, Long Buckby, was jailed for nine years at Northampton Crown Court last week for three charges of possession of Class C drugs with intent to supply and one charge of possession of Class A drugs with the intent to supply.

The career criminal, who had 91 previous convictions, including a string of drugs and firearms offences, was found in possession of around £300,000 of drugs after police raided a basement flat in East Park Parade, Kingsley, on September 21, 2011.

In an extraordinary outburst, Peachment then told the court how officials would have to “answer to Jesus in the end”, adding: “You will all be damned to eternal hell.”

He told the judge: “You have just gone along with them and stitched me up. When you are wicked towards God’s children, you will reap what you sow.”

Officers discovered half a kilo of cocaine, as well as 18.5kg of cutting agents, ketamine and around 16,000 “rave” pills, all concealed in various locations, including a small brick room, hidden behind a full-length mirror and skirting board. He was, experts concluded, a key player in Northampton’s drug industry. Peachment is already serving a prison sentence for defaulting on a previous confiscation order.

Peachment told the court he had been working for a drug dealer, however, Judge Richard Bray ruled he had made that person up.

He said: “I have to sentence you for very serious drug dealing. I have already found you played a vital role in the supply of cocaine. There was also a very substantial amount of class C drugs.

“This is seriously aggravated by your record. You are a career criminal.”

Police experts said drugs baron, Christopher Peachment, was a “cutter and blocker” for a crime gang.

Peachment, it was found, bought cocaine in block form. He would then cut the drugs up and mix it with a cutting agent.

Officers found 18.5kg of benzocaine, an anaesthetic used by dealers.

He would then mix the drugs before re-setting the mixture using a mould and press, found in the secret cupboard in his flat.

The drugs would then be sold at a “wholesale” rate to other dealers.