Drugged boxer is found in women's underwear

A FORMER Northampton boxer discovered in his car wearing a suspender belt and knickers has been convicted of indecent assault.

Sean Byrne, aged 39, of Queens Road, was yesterday found guilty of indecently assaulting Pc Helen Bell in Grange Lane, Pitsford, on February 29 last year after he resisted arrest.

Byrne was also found guilty of being unfit to drive his Land Rover Discovery through cocaine abuse on the same night.

He had denied both charges at an earlier hearing.

He was also jailed for seven days when Kettering magistrates found him in contempt of court after he arrived nearly three hours late for his court appearance.

Byrne is due to appear back at Kettering Magistrates Court on Wednesday, March 2, to be sentenced for the indecent assault and the driving offence.

The court heard how Byrne had fallen asleep at Pitsford Reservoir car park while he waited for some friends.

He was found by police in nearby Grange Lane about 11.30pm slumped behind the wheel of the vehicle, which still had its headlights on and was stuck in a hedge.

Pc Bell, who attended the scene with a colleague after getting a report of an accident, said Byrne's speech was extremely slurred and difficult to understand.

She said: "He was under the influence of something and so I arrested him.

"My colleague and I looked inside the car and saw quite a lot of adult magazines on the back seat.

"My colleague informed him he was going to be handcuffed and he became very aggressive.

"He was struggling against both of us and we ended up restraining him across the bonnet of the vehicle.

"As we attempted to do this he grabbed me between my legs in my genital area.

"We were still struggling to restrain him and I managed to get his left arm up behind his back and we handcuffed him."

When asked by prosecutor, Michael Waterfield, whether it was true that he was found wearing a suspender belt and women's knickers, Byrne said: "I was just messing about."

Byrne was found with 0.06 microgrammes of cocaine per millilitre of blood in his body.

The defendant, who told the court he was the chief instructor at Northampton Amateur Boxing Club and responsible for 37 children, some as young as eight years old, said: "I vehemently deny these charges. I didn't do anything aggressive sexually or physically to either of the officers. I am not guilty of these charges."

n LAST August father-of-two Byrne was seriously injured when he was stabbed in the neck during an incident in St James, Northampton.

Two Jamaican men, Daimeon Doctor, aged 25, and Dwayne Green, also aged 25, who both live in Wellingborough's Hemmingwell estate, were arrested for wounding and are now awaiting trial.