Drivers ‘deprived of fares’ because taxi signs not yet installed at Northampton rail station, claim

Northampton train station
Northampton train station

Taxi drivers claim they are losing fares at at Northampton rail station because signs directing people to the rank are missing... six months after the building opened.

Drivers have resorted to putting up their own homemade signs at the front of the station in an attempt to stop people new to Northampton walking into town in search of a rank.

But London Midland staff have taken them down as they are unauthorised.

Mo Conteh, of the Hackney Carriage Association, said: “People coming here for the first time end up in St Peter’s Way looking for us.

“We miss out on fares but it’s not good for the train passengers either.”

Another black cab driver added: “I find it incredible that about £20 million was spent on the station building and in six months they’ve not been able to put up a simple sign.”

A temporary ‘A’ board with a taxi sign is on the staion concourse but drivers claim it is often moved around so causing confusion for passengers.

Signs are also at the back of the station, but that does not help people who have left by the main steps at the front.

One driver said he had recently picked up someone in the town centre heading for Stanstead, who had apparently walked from the train station as he was unable to find the rank.

It deprived a taxi driver at the station of a £100-plus fare.

A spokesman for London Midland said it had ordered new permanent signs.

Spokesman Francis Thomas said: “The station signage was not completely satisfactory when we moved in and we raised this immediately with the contractors.

“New signage is going up daily, including signs to the taxis. Where there are gaps we are using temporary signage while work outside the station building continues.”