Drivers caught taking pictures with mobile phones of serious car crash in Northamptonshire face procecution

Inspector Jen Helm
Inspector Jen Helm

Drivers caught taking pictures with their mobile phones of a serious car crash on the A45 in Northamptonshire have been warned they face prosecution.

The crash happened on the eastbound carriageway of the A45 near Great Doddington at 3.25pm on Monday. Two people were airlifted to hospital with non life-threatening injuries after their van came off the road and rolled over.

Officers at the scene saw motorists passing on the opposite carriageway taking pictures. They then got their own cameras out and took pictures of the drivers.

Inspector Jen Helm, from the Operations Tactical Unit, said: “I am amazed that people think there is nothing wrong with using their mobile phones to take pictures while driving, and secondly that they think it is in any way appropriate or respectful to the victims of that collision. What might be a great Facebook update for one person could picture the spot where someone’s daughter or father took their last breath.

“The officers had completed their investigations and were waiting for the other emergency services to finish their work before re-opening the road when they spotted people with their camera phones out.

“So, as we have done in the past, the officers took their camera and photographed those people committing an offence. We will now be seeking prosecutions against those people.”

Using a mobile phone while at the wheel is a criminal offence and motorists can get points put on their licence and a fine if spotted breaking the law.

Inspector Helm added: “Using your mobile phone while driving can and does lead to serious injury and sometimes fatal road traffic collisions. The problem is that because it does not happen every time someone uses a phone, people get careless and think they are special, somehow immune to distraction.

“The drivers we photographed all gambled with other people’s lives that day. When it does go wrong, I promise no photograph in the world will make the family of the victim think it was worth it.”