Driver who crashed into central reservation in Northampton thanks first aider

The A45 near the Riverside Retail Park exit
The A45 near the Riverside Retail Park exit

A woman who crashed her car into the central reservation of the A45 in Northampton has thanked a passing first aider who came to her rescue.

Precious Muchrchoma, 33, was driving towards the Riverside Retail Park roundabout when a back tyre exploded, sending her careering across two lanes.

She lost control and swerved sideways, slowing slightly, but could not stop herself smashing into the central reservation barrier.

However despite her plight, cars simply swerved around her and nobody stopped to check if she was okay.

Injuring her shoulder, she was sat there for several minutes until a car pulled up and the occupant came to her aid.

She rang the ambulance and police, to close the carriageway, as well as Precious’s husband and checked her over before paramedics arrived.

The ladies did not manage to exchange numbers and the good Samaritan carried on her way without Precious being able to thank her properly.

It led to an appeal on Facebook for the anonymous woman to reveal herself, resulting in Beverly Burnham coming forward and contacting Precious.

Precious said: “It was such a lovely thing to do because I was in the third lane and there were fast-moving vehicles.

“She has a very kind heart.”

Beverly, who was formerly with the St John Ambulance, said: “That’s just the kind of person I am, I can’t pass someone by who is in trouble if i can help.

“I’d love it if people were inspired to do the same.”