Driver stripped of licence after fleeing Northampton crash scene

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A motorist who crashed into another car and fled the scene without giving her insurance details and later refused a breath test, has been stripped of her licence.

Deborah Kay was involved in an accident with another car in Standens Barn, Northampton, on January 11, but after initially getting out of her car, she got back in and drove home, having refused to hand over her details.

Police called for her at her house, finding her to be unsteady on her feet, and slurring her words. She then refused to give a breath test after arriving in custody, and later said she was “humiliated” to be handcuffed.

Kay, aged 49, of Wilford Avenue, Wakes Meadow, Northampton, admitted failing to provide a specimen at Northampton Magistrates Court yesterday.

Stella Moses, prosecuting, said police tracked Kay’s car to her home address and knocked on her door for five minutes, before she let them in.

She then became aggressive when she was handcuffed, she said.

Shona Lockwood, mitigating, said: “She was humiliated to find herself being handcuffed in front of her neighbours.

“It wasn’t until she had spent the night in the cells that she realised the difficulty she was in.”

Kay was banned from driving for 12 months, fined £260, and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £26 victim surcharge.