Doorway of former Northampton bar boarded up to stop people urinating there

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Rough sleepers have been prevented from using the doorway of a closed Northampton bar.

Rhubarb, which is at the top of Abington Street, has been closed for a number of months but the front, which features a plinth and overhang to the lefthand side, has been used as shelter in the evenings.

However, cardboard used as makeshift bedding was often left there and shoppers also reported a strong smell of urine as they walked by.

Northampton Borough Council has contacted the owners, who have now secured the front.

A council spokeswoman said:“As a result of complaints from members of the public and other businesses about rough sleeping and people relieving themselves in the abandoned Rhubarb bar, we contacted the owners about the state of the building.

“We are aware that they have been taking steps to make it secure and improve the area.”