Dog owner given suspended jail sentence after Rottweiler bites three people

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A ROTTWEILER which attacked two men and pulled a 10-year-old boy from his bicycle is to be destroyed.

Anthony Brown, aged 21, has been given a suspended prison sentence for allowing his Rottweiler to be dangerously out of control.

Northampton Magistrates’ Court heard he left the Rottweiler, Luda, and Poppy, a Dogue de Bordeau, locked in the garden of his Standens Barn home on July 19. But when they escaped, the Rottweiler attacked two men, aged 23 and 21, as well as a 10-year-old school boy who needed surgery.

Colin McGregor, prosecuting, said the first victim was attacked in Flaxwell Court and bitten on the right leg.

He said: “He says that the Dogue de Bordeau did not attack him but the Rottweiler did and he managed to escape by climbing onto the roof of a car.”

Soon after, two schoolboys were cycling on playing fields near Standens Barn Primary School when the back passenger was dragged from the bike and bitten. He sustained an injury to his left leg which required 10 stitches and an operation under general anaesthetic.

The last victim was attacked 15 minutes later, suffering a bite to his right leg, but he punched the dog in the face and it ran off.

Paul Harkins, mitigating, said: “This is a very difficult case. Clearly for the complainants who were attacked, but also very difficult for Mr Brown.

“It upsets him to know what the dog did because, he would say, it was so out of character.

“He genuinely felt that how he had got the dogs in his garden, safety was not an issue and everything that could have been done, had been done.”

Brown, of Flaxwell Court, Standens Barn, pleaded guilty to three offences of allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control and was sentenced to 11 weeks’ imprisonment suspended, with 200 hours of unpaid work and must pay £450 compensation to the victims. Luda will now be destroyed.

Magistrate Pauline Boywer, chairwoman of the bench, said: “This is aggravated by the fact there were three serious bites and one victim was very young. We accept you left the dogs secured so we find you were negligent in terms of culpability. This was extremely serious because the harm was extremely high but society will be better served with you doing unpaid work.”