Dog kicked to death during walk in Northampton park

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A beloved pet dog was “kicked to death” on The Racecourse after another dog walker lost his temper and attacked it.

Northampton solicitor Tony Davis was walking his pet dogs, Bolt and Merlin, a 10-year-old German Shepherd, on the park at 12.20pm on Tuesday.

Speaking to the Chronicle & Echo, Mr Davis said his younger dog, Bolt, then ran off to play with a third dog, while Merlin followed behind.

The three dogs started playing, until the third started to become aggressive.

Mr Davis said as he was trying to put his lead on Bolt when he turned around to see the other man land a kick to Merlin’s ribs, causing his dog to “squeal”.

He proceeded to boot him in the stomach two more times before leaving, he said.

Merlin was immediately sick three times, but managed to walk back to the car.

Mr Davis said: “He had a tumour removed from his liver recently and his liver was in a precarious state. I immediately took him to the vets and a scan showed Merlin had two lacerations to his liver.”

Despite veterinary attention, Mr Davis’ pet dog died the next morning. He added: “He was an old dog who had never attacked a human or any other dogs and he had the most gentle and loving nature.”

The attacker was described as a white man, aged between 30 and 40 years old, about 5ft 8ins tall, of a slim build, with a brown goatee beard and receding hairline. He was wearing casual clothing.

His dog was described as a “Spanish dog”, brown in colour with the facial appearance of a bulldog.

The “devastated” owner of Merlin has offered £300 to anyone who has information which leads to the conviction of the man who attacked his 10-year-old pet dog.

Mr Davis said: “I’ve never loved anything as much in my life as Merlin.

“I’ve only had him for four months but he bonded with me and he would follow me everywhere. I am devastated.

“He was the most lovable dog you could ever wish to meet.”