Dog dumped at Northampton school now looking for home

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An animal charity has launched an investigation after an unwanted dog was left for dead inside the grounds of a locked primary school.

The male Staffordshire cross dog, which is thought to be around two years old, was found dumped inside the grounds of Cedar Road Primary School on December 30.

The dog, which was found to be malnourished and was “very thin”, was lifted over the school fence and dumped by its owner. Neighbours later heard the sound of a dog yelping and discovered the animal inside the school.

Tereena Hart, who found the dog, said: “It was about 11.45pm. I thought I heard a fox outside. I heard a yelping noise. When I looked over to the school I saw something white and I went out with my lad and we could see him inside in a really poor state.

“He had been starved but he was a really happy dog.”

Mrs Hart said she initially thought the animal had become stuck inside the school grounds.

However, she realised the only way it could have got into the school, which was closed for the Christmas holiday, was if someone had lifted him over the fence.

Mrs Hart, together with her son, and her neighbour, Mark Haynes, managed to get the dog out and took it to the vets.

She said a neighbour’s CCTV camera later proved someone had dumped the dog.

Mrs Hart said: “A neighbour of mine has CCTV and we checked the camera.

“You could just see in the corner of the camera the dog going past with someone. You could see a figure.

“A minute later the figure walked past in the other direction without the dog.”

She said she now fears for the dog’s future and is hoping to find a good home for the animal.

The dog is currently being housed at Forest Lodge Kennels and is awaiting a new home. If anyone has any information about the dumped dog ring the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 and ask for Michelle McNab.