Diabetic from Northampton amazed nurses by losing equivalent weight of her slimming leader

Val De Boer
Val De Boer

A diabetic woman from Northampton did so well at a slimming group she lost the equivalent of her class leader’s body weight.

Val De Boer, aged 51, from Bramhall Rise in Duston, was referred to Weight Watchers in the hope of reversing the effects of her Type Two diabetes.

Weight Watchers leader Sarah Barnes and Val De Boer

Weight Watchers leader Sarah Barnes and Val De Boer

Reluctantly, she agreed after being told she was entitled to 12 weeks of free classes.

Fifteen months later she has lost 10 stone 10 pounds, which is the weight of the course leaders, Sarah Barnes.Mrs Barnes said: “I was thinking of a way to express how well Val’s done and I realised she had been carrying around a ‘me’ for years.

“To get rid of that weight so quickly, but in a healthy way ,is just amazing.”

Mrs Barnes said Val has lost the most weight of any slimmer in her 17 years as leader.

What is more, Val is also is the only person never to have put any on between sessions.

The slimming leader credits Val’s success to her healthy diet, which sees her choose foods from the ‘filling and healthy’ list designed to stop slimmers from snacking on junk food.

The list includes foods such as wholewheat rice, fruit and veg and lean protein.

Importantly, all foods on the list are low in salt, saturated fat and sugar.

By following the plan, Val has consistently lost two pounds a week, which is the safe limit.

She has even seen her blood counts drop from a concerning level in January 2014 to 40 per cent lower, which has amazed doctors.

Val, who works at Barclaycard in Brackmills, said: “When I was at the surgery for a check up four months after I started on the plan, the nurse said she thought the blood tests had been sent back wrong.

“They can’t believe how much weight has gone.”

Mrs Barnes says that, aside from the personal benefits, Val is “an inspiration” to others in the group, which meets in Weston Favell,

Val said: “I’ve now become a helper at the group, and thatmakes me more determined to lose weightbecause I know I have to go so I need to show I’m doing well and show other people what you can achieve. I feel 100 per cent better.

“I think if I can do it anyone can.”