Demolition work due to start on Sixfields Tavern but part of pub will remain standing

Picture: Jamie Cooper, HiOptic Photography
Picture: Jamie Cooper, HiOptic Photography

Demolition of part of the Sixfields Tavern was due to start today (Thursday).

Most of the building was gutted due to intense flames whipped up by high winds.

But the dining area, although suffering water damage to fixtures and fittings, was largely untouched by the fire.

That part will be left standing but a 25-tonne excavator from Hawkes Demolition will travel from Burton Latimer and set to work this afternoon on the rest of the structure.

After two days, that part of the site will be left flattened and ready for a rebuild, according to Paul Hollowell from the demolition company.

He said : “It’s a horrible thing to happen but at least we can now make the site safe in case children or anyone else attempts to get in there.”

A faulty plug socket is believed to have sparked the blaze and wind spread the flames to cardboard that was outside

Six pumps were at the building at the height of the fire by which time staff, football fans and othercustomers had been safely evacuated.

Members of staff have been redistributed to other Northampton pubs in the same Hungry Horse chain, such as the Queen Eleanor and The Lumbertubs.