Delapre Park rangers warn illegal campers to keep out of Northampton beauty spot

Campers at Delapre Park NNL-140624-161912001
Campers at Delapre Park NNL-140624-161912001

Park rangers have appealed for help in reporting people who set up campsites, fires and barbecues at a Northampton beauty spot.

The concerns were raised following sightings of people starting fires, putting up tents and swimming in the lake at Delapre Abbey, in London Road, in Far Cotton, in Northampton, as the weekends get warmer.

Friends of Delapre Abbey reported one occasion over the weekend when a family group was committing all the offences at once, including pitching four tents.

Police were called to move the party on.

Following an increase in similar incidents, the Friends set up a Facebook page to remind people that such activities are not allowed and that swimming in the lake, which is popular with waterskiers, is unsafe.

One person said that walking through the country park was “like walking through a homeless site”.

Other contributors suggested installing more waste bins and notices, recruiting volunteer litter pickers and hiring more park rangers.

Delapre only has one official park ranger, who is currently on long-term leave, and no park wardens, who would have stronger powers of enforecement.

Temporary volunteer park ranger, Max Lang, said: “The Friends are looking at having more bins put in and recruiting volunteers to patrol the park and stamp on the problems as and when they happen.

“We are also welcoming “park friends” to report people who are abusing the park.

“Our new Delapre Park Management Committee is now officially in action to help us finally do something about this yearly problem. At our meeting this week, Northampton Borough Council promised to provide more bins near Eagle Drive car park and the Water Ski Club, and they have agreed to regularly clear litter from the car park.”